23 Mar

Electricity charges relief for water supply

Now that several regions have been drought declared where irrigation and production…

Now that several regions have been drought declared where irrigation and production go hand in hand it is timely to promote the Department of Energy and Water Supply’s’ Drought Relief from Electricity Charges Scheme (DRECS).

The scheme provides relief from fixed charges for accounts that use electricity to pump water for farm or irrigation purposes during periods of very low or no water availability. It’s available to customers in Energex areas and for non-Ergon Retail customers in regional areas.

For most customers in the Ergon Region, DRECS is delivered by Ergon Energy Queensland, which is reimbursed by the government.

Electricity prices as we all know are a considerable expense, and this only increases through hot and dry conditions when in season rain is lacking and evapotranspiration is high. QFF is working with Ergon and is currently running an Agricultural Tariff Trial, this is still relevant and very important to those users currently in a drought declared area and accessing drought assistance.

You can still access drought assistance on your electricity bill if you choose to participate in the ‘Load Profile’ trial group (Group 3).  You will simply benefit from the installation of a smart meter allowing you to see your load profile both now and into the future so that when conditions improve, you will have the key load profile information to help with any future tariff change decisions.  This information may also provide insight to assist you to identify energy efficiency and renewable energy opportunities.

For those of you interested in participating in the Tariff 24 Seasonal Demand Tariff Trial (Group 2), this trial comes with a ‘safety net’ which considers the drought relief that the customer is eligible for, on their current and previous tariff.

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