Ergon Energy: Outage Finder

Ergon Energy is always looking for better ways to keep customers informed about known electrical outage events.

One way is by utilising the Ergon Energy Outage Finder.

You can view both planned and unplanned known events. The outage finder updates the status regularly as Ergon Energy’s field crews work on the outages. In the text version of the outage finder you can even search by your actual premise by entering your National Metering Identifier (NMI). This number should be kept handy and is the best way to identify your premise when you contact Ergon Energy Network.

Another new initiative is the Automated Restoration Call Backs (ARCB). If you wish to receive a call back once a known outage is restored you can opt in for a call to tell you the power is back on. This is great if you are leaving your house for any reason or are running a generator. This allows you to ensure your electricity supply is restored as the outage in finalised.