Ingham Climate and Weather Workshop

The Queensland Farmers’ Federation, DTN and the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF) are delivering a series of workshops for primary producers and service providers.

Around the world, farmers and the agribusinesses rely on DTN to provide expert analysis of commodity markets, hyper-local weather and disease insights to guide planting, growing and harvesting operations. Meteorologists Rick Threlfal and Michelle Berry will discuss the process of weather forecasting and what it means for primary producers. They will also demonstrate the use of the models, tools and services available and how to access climate and weather information.

DAF Program Manager for Drought and Climate Neil Cliffe will explain how to understand long-term climate forecasts, what to look for and how to understand some of Queensland’s climate drivers; and what to expect for the season ahead.

Lunch Provided!

The workshop runs from 8.30am to 12pm. For more information or to register to attend visit Eventbrite. Please RSVP by Monday, 4 November 2019.